Urban Adventure Race and Running Strollers

Should I bring my jogging stroller?

We sometimes get asked by those who want to try urban adventure racing for the first time if they can bring their kids and use a jogging stroller in the event. For safety reasons, we just do not advise that you do this. Streets are not blocked off and contestants are responsible for their own well being as they traverse through traffic near busy streets. Wheeling around little kids is also not all that practical as the use of public transportation such as subways or buses is also encouraged. Getting on and off these types of vehicles can be a little cumbersome with a stroller and might slow you down.

Now with that being said, we do encourage parents to look into getting a running stroller to use on their own or in other types of racing events. We have one ourselves and we love it. We do the occasional marathon and we love to involve our kids. These types of races will have a safer course where you will not have to dodge oncoming traffic. It is a great experience for everyone involved and hopefully it helps teach the little ones the value of exercise and giving back. A lot of urban racers also participate in other types of events and you can always find a local marathon near you if you would like to find something for all age groups.

The Value of Jogging Strollers

We completely understand why parents would want to use their running strollers whenever they can as they can provide a number of benefits and opportunities to give young children healthy habits. This simple answering of a question about urban racing has somehow turned into a testimonial about jogging strollers, but we if we can get one more person out there running, jogging, or just moving around outside, then it will be worth it.

Healthy Habits

Jogging Strollers for RacingIf you are worried that your kids will grow up glued to a chair or couch with a permanent crick in their neck from looking down at their cell phones, then starting them early with outdoor activities is a great way to get them to appreciate being outside and socializing. Our little one has an adventure every time we leave the house or go on our trip with our jogger. We also try to take different paths. We live in a more rural environment, so doing some cross-country type running is always great fun. But we try to show our kids a healthy example. We figure if they see Mom and Dad move and active, that it will hopefully trickle down to them and it is something that they will carry with them.

Good Exercise

Jogging with the kids also has the obvious benefit of being healthy for us, the one pushing the stroller around. We have always been into running, so it was almost a no-brainer that we would wind up getting a stroller capable of handling rougher terrain and a fast pace. It was a seamless transition after the kids came, and getting a quality model can make a huge difference. You can check out current jogging stroller reviews to see which ones are worth considering. Fortunately there are many quality running strollers being made today, so you sort of can’t go wrong.

Family Activity

This is a good way to mix family time with getting in a workout. Time is usually something that is pretty scarce when you have kids. Whenever you get a chance to combine two or more things into one outing it is always a blessing. In this sense it can truly be a rewarding experience for you as you end up feeling good physically as well as emotionally, especially when you see how much fun your kids will end up having. Hey, if it ends up tuckering out the little one in the process, even better. They usually end up asleep towards the very end or soon afterwards.

Bottom Line

It is probably best to leave the jogging stroller at home during an urban adventure race, but if you do not have one of these pieces of equipment then you should definitely consider getting one. There are events in which they can be used, or you can use it every day around your neighborhood for your own family adventure. They are, however, extremely worth it.

More About The Urban Adventure Race

The inaugural Wild Onion Urban Adventure Race was launched in the great city of Chicago in 2000, by John O’Connor, John Hamill and Will Burkhart. The race was featured in a two-hour primetime special in 2001 on ESPN. The Washington Post named it one of the top 6 Adventure Races in the World! The event has also been featured in Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, National Geographic Adventure Magazine, USA Today and Adventure Sports Magazine. Since the inaugural race in Chicago in 2000, the event has been held in Houston, Indianapolis and New York. The race is now making preparations to go international in the exotic city of Chengdu, China—the panda bear capital of the world!

We appreciate your enthusiasm and hope to bring you pertinent information in the upcoming months. Life is an adventure, let’s race to the finish line. We hope to bring useful articles on life quests, reviews, and ways to better the enjoyment you get out of what you do.