Rules For NASCAR Car Racing

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing or NASCAR was created by Bill France St. in December 1947. This car racing event was held in a beach course in Daytona, Florida. France created NASCAR to amalgamate various racing rules.

With fast cars and human drivers right behind them, rules that guarantee the safety of the driver and the spectators were created. Nowadays, NASCAR car racing rules are upheld by tournaments such as the Nationwide, the Craftsman Truck Series, and the Sprint Cup. These rules are actually the largest governing body for stock car racing in the United States.

If you want to know more about NASCAR car racing, then here are the guidelines of the league:

Flags and what they mean

• Green – this signifies that the track is clear. Racers can go about with the tournament. They can race at any speed they life. Sometimes, a green flag also connotes a car racing restart.

• White – in car racing, this means there is only one last lap to go.

• Checkered – this means that the car racing event is over because the distance mark has been reached.

• Black – When you see this flag, it means a car might have violated a rule. It might also mean that a car needs help in the pit stop. In car racing practice, waving the red and black flags together signals the end of practice.

• Black with white cross – this means that a racer disregarded a black flag and will not be given its appropriate score until he reaches the pit stop.

• Blue with yellow stripe – in car racing, this flag is a heads up. This means a faster car is approaching near you. The driver must yield to incoming cars.

• Yellow – in NASCAR car racing, this flag means cautions. When drivers see this flag, they need to stay at their current position, behind the pace automotive. Usual causes of the yellow flag include accidents, debris, and inclement weather. After this flag is shown, they need to restart the race based on their former positions. When a yellow flag is thrown during practice season, all the cars must return to the pit stops.

• Red – just like other car racing rules, in NASCAR, red means stop. It might be caused by a blockage or serious accident.

• Yellow with red vertical stripes – this flag means that the road ahead is slippery or has debris.

Championship points system

Just recently, a simplified points system was adopted by three National series. The champion for each NASCAR car racing even will get 43 points. The champion will also get an additional 3 bonus points.

The runners-up will receive scores a point lesser than the former – meaning the second placer will get 42 points while the third placer will get 41 points.

Bonus points are also awarded to lap leaders and those who lead the laps the most number of times. A winner is guaranteed 47 to 48 points because of these bonus points.

In the Sprint Cup, the last placer will receive 1 point while the last placer in the Truck series will receive 8 points.

Various Types Of Car Racing

Car racing is a fun sport for drivers and spectators alike. The speed and competition are just some of the many factors why people love this sport. From its humble beginnings in France, car racing has boomed into a multi-million dollar industry that it is today. There are different car racing events which can suit each type of speed aficionado. Here are the most common types of car racing:

Formula racing

This is considered as the most famous type of single-seater racing. In formula racing, there wheels are uncovered. The cars boast of aerofoil wings in the front and in the back to provide downward force and improve the wheels’ grip to the track. F1 or Formula 1 is an international race, while the F3 or Formula 3 is a domestic event.

In the United States, the famous formula racing event is the Indy Car series. Other formula car racing events include the GP2 (previously called Formula Two or Formula 3000). Aside from these professional leagues, there are also amateur car racing events as well.

Another type of single-seater racing is kart racing, which makes use of a small yet inexpensive car on a minor track.

Touring car racing

This type of car racing features race cars which are derived from production. Because of the large grids and minute speed differences, full-contact racing often happens.

Famous touring car events include the World Touring Car Championship, British Touring Car Championship, V8 Supercars, to name a few. In the United States, the famous touring car events are the SPEED World Challenge and GT Championships. The Trans-Am series, on the other hand, is considered as the older touring car racing tournament in the country.

Sports car racing

In this type of car racing, Grand tourers or GTs and prototype sports cars vie against similar class cars in closed circuits. The most famous sports car racing event in the world is the FIA GT1 World Championship. GT2 and GT3 cars can compete in the International GT open.

As for prototypes sports cars, they are created with the sole purpose of endurance racing. These types of cars have closed cockpits and closed wheels. These cars are faster because they are lighter and exert more downward force. A famous sports prototype car racing event includes the Le Mans Series, with the racing car called a Le Mans prototype.

A sports car racing event takes long distances, with the minimum of 1000 kilometers. Two or more drivers switch every few hours to finish the event. Most sports car racing events can span an entire day.

Production car racing

In the United States, production car racing is also called Showroom Stock. This type of car racing is inexpensive and bears a lot of rules, in comparison to touring car racing. Production car racing events adhere to the Group N rules with some exceptions. Notable tournaments include the Firehawk Series and Super Taikyu (Japan).

How The Car Racing Sport Began

Car racing, also known as automobile racing, is one of the world’s most loved sports. Its humble beginnings can be traced back to creation of the first automobiles. The adrenaline rush that it brings to the drivers and the spectators is just one of the reasons why car racing is loved by many. With man’s love for speed, the world of car racing has never turned back.

Pioneers Of Car Racing

The first car racing was held on April 28, 1887, in Paris, under the supervision of Monsier Fossier, a publications editor. The track spanned from Bois de Boulogne to Neuilly Bridge, which was a total of 2 kilometers. The only participant (and eventual winner) of the race was Georges Bouton. He drove a car he had built with Albert, the Comte de Dion.

What is considered to be the first car racing competition was held on July 22, 1894. The magazine Le Petit Journal organized the race from Rouen to Paris. To boost his magazine’s publicity, Pierre Giffard advertised it as a “competition for horseless carriages.” He called the cars as less dangerous, easy to navigate, and considerably inexpensive. A total of 102 “racers” joined the car racing competition. Manufacturers such as De Dion, Panhard, and Peugeot joined the game.

Jules-Albert de Dion clocked in with the fastest time of 6 hours and 48 minutes. His running speed was 19 kilometers an hour. After him were 2 Peugeot and Panhard drivers. Although De Dion was the fastest, Panhard and Peugeot cars were named as the winners because of the car’s handling, safety, and speed.

The June 1895 Paris-Bordeaux-Paris race of 1,178 kilometers is what other historians consider as the first car racing event. There were 92 drivers who ran the race. Emile Levassor, who drove a Panhard 1205cc car, finished first with a time of 48 hours and 47 minutes.
The first car racing event held in the United States was held on November 28, 1895. It was organized by the Chicago Times-Herald, and heavy publicity of the race drew attention from Americans. Frank Duryea bested 5 other drivers with a time of 10 hours, 23 minutes. He ran an 8748-kilometer course from the south of Chicago to Evanston, Illinois.

In March 1897, the “Speed Week” was held at Nice, France. This was considered the first regular car racing location. A lot of car racing events were held in Nice, including the first hill climb and what appears to be the first ever drag race.

The first international car racing event was the Gordon Bennett Cup, wherein countries battled for the trophy.

Ernest Montaut and his wife Marguerite followed the development of car racing in Europe. They created posters and the Mabileau et Cie, which featured car racing events, and other racing competitions.

The early car racing circuit was put to a halt in 1903 when Marcel Renault was killed in Angouleme while he was running a Paris-Madrid race. Nine deaths prompted the French government to stop the Bordeaux race and prohibit open-road racing.

NASCAR Popularity

By far the most popular spectator sport in US, NASCAR racing boasts seventeen of the twenty highest attended sports events in America. NASCAR betting boast corporate sponsorship of all kinds and consists of teams of drivers competing in each race not only to win the race but to compete in exciting points competitions over the course of the entire racing season.

What Makes NASCAR so Popular?

While non-racing purists may claim crashes make NASCAR racing so popular, this cannot be the case. While crashes are exciting whether watching the race live or via television, crashes are not the single factor that causes fans to tune in week after week. If crashes were the lone draw, it would make sense that any demolition derby would outdraw NASCAR, which just is not happening.

The persona of the well-known racers, such as the Dale Jrs, the Mark Martins, and the Jimmy Johnsons (sponsored by of the world could be the main draw. However, considering the masses of fans that have been loyal for years – even before the emergence of such racers, this would be an illogical conclusion. Surely these personalities factor into the equation of popularity, however this cannot be the primary motivating factor for popularity NASCAR has within our culture.

While many a fan is brand loyal to their favorite team, the sponsors do not bring fans to the race in large scale. Instead, it could be argued that NASCAR assists greatly in both brand recognition and brand loyalty. As consumers and fans, we associate Miller Lite with Rusty Wallace and Coors with Sterling Marlin when heading to the store to buy beer. We also associate Lowe’s with Jimmy Johnson, as well as Home Depot with Tony Stewart. We may even shop based on loyalty to our favorite racing team. It makes sense that sponsorship in NASCAR helps us feel loyal to a brand; however, the brands do not help us feel loyal to NASCAR.

I would argue the main factor in NASCAR’s immense popularity is due to the nature of the everest competition. NASCAR odds runs cars and trucks similar in look to those many people drive on the highway. While not nearly as sporty, nor as expensive, the cars look like your car and my car. Subconsciously, I cannot help but feel as if I could be behind the wheel, living vicariously through my favorite driver’s dash cam. I could never get this feeling when watching IndyCar, as I have never flown a spaceship, which is what I associate the IndyCar style of racecar to.

Yes, NASCAR racing is in fact most attractive because it is a sport everyone feels they could do. As a result, we are better able to relate with the “common folk” drivers in the NASCAR circuit, feeling like they are one of us, and we are part of their team.

NASCAR Betting

Motor Sports are popular all across the world and there are races held each year in many different countries. You can wager on a lot of different motor sports including the MotoGP, Dirt Bike Racing, SuperBike Championship and Formula 1 racing among others. It’s always a good idea to bet on the motor sports that you follow. So if you follow Formula 1 racing then you’ll want to bet on that only and not try to bet on all the motor sport events.

Apart from the type of motor sports listed above you can also bet on rally racing, stock racing and tour racing. A lot of the major motor sports are offered on websites like and you can bet on quite a few different betting options. NASCAR is the biggest motor sport racing organization in North America and there are millions of fans. Every week of the NASCAR betting season there are millions of dollars wagered on the race. You have several betting options available when betting on NASCAR ranging from straight wagers to prop bets.

Both the NASCAR and Formula One Racing organizations are the two most widely wagered on motor sports events. Generally you should only bet on whatever groups you follow, but it isn’t that hard to bet on both o these groups. If you spend the week researching both of the races then you should be able to win money on both. Most racing seasons there are a few racers from each of these leagues that own the top of the leaderboards throughout most of the races. If you can identify the top racers every season then there is no limit on the money you can make.

Another popular motor sports event to wager on is motorcycle racing. Motorcycle racing is more popular in other parts of the world then it is in North America, but it’s still popular over here. If you bet on motorcycle racing make sure you have a good idea about the sport because if you don’t you’re not going to win. It’s an amazing sport to watch, but it definitely is very competitive and you need to know your stuff if you expect to win money.

The odds in motor sports racing are often spread out quite a bit which will allow you to pick up some nice underdog bets once in awhile. The favourite doesn’t often win motor sports races and you can find some nice value with underdogs that have a great shot at winning. In NASCAR the favourite of the race will hardly win the race, so don’t just pick the favourite. You need to take into consideration the track that the race is being held at as well as how the racer has performed in the past on the track and in the past several races.

Many online sports books, such as, will often post favourites in motor sport racing that the public will jump on because they want lots of the people to take the juice. You want to try and avoid betting with the public as much as possible and focus on the stats about the racers and race track.


The formula 1(F1) car racing is sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). The word ‘Formula’ denotes the rules drivers and participants must adhere to. The Formula 1 season consists of Grand Prix held on specially built circuits.

The constructors or the car manufacturers, also score points during each race. The results for the year are World Championship for the driver and the constructors.

The history of the sport is traced back to the 1920’s in Europe. New set of rules after the Second World War sanitized the sport. F1 is very popular in Europe.

During a race weekend, there are two free practice sessions on Friday except in Monaco where it takes place on Thursday, a practice session and a qualifying session on Saturday and the actual race on Sunday.

To qualify for the actual race, drivers are supposed to do the pre-qualification session. Only 26 cars qualify for the actual race. Where the number of cars entered into the race does not reach 26, the 107% rule is used to determine who drives in the race. This rule has been scrapped from the sport.

Formula one has a global audience of about 600 million viewers for each race. The Formula One Group takes the legal hold of the Commercial Rights. It is the world’s most expensive sports and generated around $4 billion in 2005.

The driver point system of the F1 is simple. We are going to explore the F1 point system in this article.

F1 Drivers’ Series Point System

In the 1950’s, the F1’s driver point system awarded only the top 5 drivers points. From 1960, the driver’s point system was expanded to include the sixth driver to the finish line. The system was again expanded in 2003 to include the seventh and eighth drivers. The new system also reduced the point gap between the first placed driver and the second placed driver.
The point system in the 1950 was scored as below:

The first driver gets 8 points
The second placed driver gets 6 points
The third placed driver gets 4 points
The fourth placed driver gets 3 points
The fifth placed driver gets 2 points.

This point system was later revised to include the sixth placed driver in 1960 and implemented in the 1961 season.

The first placed driver was given 9 points
The second placed driver still got 6 points
The third placed driver gets 4 points
The fourth placed driver gets 3 points
The fifth placed driver was given 1 point
The point system was revised again in 1991. The winning driver’s point was increased to 10. The new point system thus was:
The first placed driver 10 points
The second placed driver 6 points
The third placed driver 4 points
The fourth placed driver 3 points
The fifth placed driver 2 points
And the sixth placed driver gets 1 point

In 2003, the F1A again revised the point system. Some believe this change was meant to stop the domination of Michael Schumacher and the Ferrari. The 2003 point system was like this:
The first placed driver 10 points
The second placed driver 8 points
The third placed driver 6 points
The fourth placed driver 5 points
The fifth placed driver 4 points
The sixth placed driver 3 points
The seventh placed driver 2 points
The eighth placed driver 1 point.
The current driver point system in use today was introduced in the 2010 season. For the first time in its history, the point system has been expanded to include the top 10 finishers. The complete system is as follows:
The first placed driver gets 25 points
The second placed driver gets 18 points
The third placed driver gets 15 points
The fourth placed driver gets 12 points
The fifth placed driver gets 10 points
The sixth placed driver gets 8 points
The seventh placed driver gets 6 points
The eighth placed driver gets 4 points
The ninth placed driver gets 2 points
And the 10th placed driver gets 1 point.
This is the point system the Formula 1 has used over the years.

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When it comes down to it, NETeller and PayPal are your best bets when it comes to gambling with money transfers. Some like NETeller offer great perks to their members. PayPal also offers now their own personal money card so you have can access to your money right way, which is great if you go on a winning streak and need to take care of some bills. Go get yourself set up with the right transferring option and play the odds in a game of online chance.

The Ninth World Series of Poker Event

A retired teacher from Pleasant Gardens, North Carolina took a step back in time to teach one more lesson, to the professionals and other players who placed their buy in fee into the ninth World Series of Poker event.

Ken Aldridge, 57, entered the tournament that offered a dense participation list as well as a string of professional poker players who make a daily living from playing poker.

Entering into the tournament was a daunting experience for the retired teacher after been a self confessed recreational player, carrying only two previous poker tournament cashing in his history of competitive playing.

Aldridge beat out 1,458 other players who had bought into the $1,500 no limit Texas Hold’em short handed tournament, hosted within the hugely popular World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournament schedule. With the tournaments large participation numbers, the tournament offers a total prize pool of $1,991,535 and paid out the top 144 places.

Taking the first place in the tournament means that the 57 year old retired teacher walks away with $428,259 in prize winnings.

Aldridge said that this was just another success in his life, saying “I really value the years I spent as a teacher, because I was always around such a wonderful group of people, I hope that I helped them to become better people. That’s the lesson I hoped to teach them most ’to become better people.’”

After been asked how he thought he had preformed in the poker download tournament after winning, the recreational player said that he felt that he played an almost perfect game, “I really don’t think I made many mistakes, I was very happy with how things went. I think I was behind only one time the whole tournament when I was all-in.”

This goes to show that even the amateur players that enter into the World Series of Poker tournament schedule carry the confidence of a professional.

The tournament seemed to offer less for the notable professionals who had stumped up the $1,500 buy in fee, with Rafe Furst been the highest placed of the known names, finishing in 31st place.

The top 10 finishers in the tournament placed in this order:

1. Ken Aldridge ($428,259)
2. Carman Cavella ($264,814)
3. Peter Gould ($170,953)
4. Bryce Yockey ($115,230)
5. Charles Furey ($80,896)
6. Manny Minaya ($59,049)
7. Praz Bansi ($42,320)
8. Bryn Kenney ($42,320)
9. Robert Lipkin ($30,311)
10. Steve McNally ($30,311)

Tips and Tricks to become a Good Poker Player

Poker is a very renowned and famous casino game. It is a very interesting game which needs luck, skill and strategies to win it. Online poker is also very popular and probably one of the most played online casino games in the world. There are many tips and tricks which must be followed to be successful in this game either in typical real casino or online.

Do as much practice as you can
Practice is the key to success. If any one wants to do good in any thing than he must to enough practice and this quote also goes with poker. One must polish his skills and make good strategies to win the game. Practice means learning the game. Poker can be very tricky for a person who doesn’t know enough about the game. Online free poker is the best to start the game and to practice. In online free poker you can play with the FullTilt virtual money and if you loose than you will not loose anything but will gain experience. You must know your weak and strong points and you must have your own great strategies.

Excessive bluffing must be avoid

The most common error done by most people is that while playing poker they bluff a lot and due to which they loose the game. New and beginner players are attracted by bluffing so much that bluffing spoils their game. Bluffing is not an easy strategy; it is very difficult to win by bluffing. One must know and understand the rules of poker before going with the bluffing in the game.

Know your pocket before starting the game
Planning is very important in the game. Player should know about the budget he has to bet with. If right planning has not done than the game of poker will cost you more than you have and more than you earn. As far as the finance of the game is considered you must have a game and financial plan which will keep you worry free while playing the game.

Knowledge of poker systems and about the rules
If you want to become a good successful player of online poker than you must have good knowledge of all poker games and their rules which are available on internet. You must know all the basic or rare rules which are used in the game of poker. Tips and tricks are developed by knowing the game and its rules.

Get registered on any famous poker site
As we told you that practice is the key to success and online free game sites are the best option to practice and to understand the game. There are many websites available which offer free registration and games. One must join any famous site like or and practice and advance their skills to an all new level. In the free online websites forum are also available where you can chat and ask your queries to other members and to the experts. This way you will increase your level briskly and will know the game even better.

How to Play Craps at the Best Internet Casinos

Craps playing is a little different in comparison to playing the brick and mortar. Playing craps online is one of the ideal ways of learning the basics, rules and exploring the craps table layout. Players need to understand that playing craps online meant learning all intricacies, so that the player plays well and wins big.

Players playing craps at the best internet casinos need to comprehend the basics to gain amazing playing experience, than learning the convoluted rules of craps that pose greater risks. However, few basics are important so that the players understand the terminology as well as mechanics of this game. Playing craps online for free is possible, besides there are many gambling websites as well. Free sites offer software games and numerous free credits. Acquiring free credits, while initiating to play craps online, are an advantage to the player and are also encouraging. There are sites permitting downloading of craps game software and such crap games can be played for free even off-line. Developing a gambling strategy is mandatory, before beginning to play craps online and to do that one needs to study the game rules of crap. Fortunately, these craps rules are easy to comprehend, while the betting rules need little more time to understand.

Craps online game involves a roller, a pair of dice and betting on each roll. Players lay their money and buy craps game and yell ‘Change’. On yelling, the player is handed an appropriate amount of chips to play. Placing a bet involves announcing the bet to the dealer who is on his side table. On this, the dealer places the bet in a right position on the table. Lastly, the shooter points on the roll, while the dealers designate the point on the board by placing a puck. This puck has two sides, black and white, and on establishing a point, dealers turn the puck to white side such that it is placed on the board adjacent to the point number. The main purpose of using this puck is to denote all betters on the table.

Crap bets such as the pass line, field bets and do not pass line can be done before starting the game. The crap bets such as do not come, big eight, big six and the come can be done after the roll comes out. Some bets such as place bets, come bets and lay bets last for over one roll. The shooter holds the dice and as a shooter, the first roll showing 7 or 11 indicates automatic win, while rolling 2, 3 or 12 indicates loss automatically. This is known as craps roll. Rolling of any other number permits a pass line point and the shooter is expected to roll the pass line number before rolling a 7, else, the shooter will lose.

Crap is also filled with side bet options and hence knowing the rules of avoiding side bets is also essential. This is a simple game to play, but on gaining confidence, the players will have clarity on the craps rules.